Our Story


Welcome to Avatar Arts, an online store featuring beautiful, eye-catching Indian handicrafts. Our products, which range from home decor items to idols made of high-quality brass, wood, marble, and bonded bronze, are rich in culture and sure to catch your eye.

We at Avatar Arts are thrilled to work with skilled craftspeople who use their gifted hands to bring our ideas to life. The end product shows the extensive work and craftsmanship that went into each piece, and we always appreciate their talent and passion.

We started Avatar Arts online during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our business going during tough times. Our company has been in this business for 15 years! We are deeply passionate about art and its power to inspire.

The name ‘Avatar Arts’ came from the idea that the online platform gave us a new avatar and an opportunity to continue doing what we love. The name ‘Avatar Arts’ was chosen as a new brand that represents the connection between the company and the art we create. We are committed to spreading rich culture with the help of the creative artisans we collaborate with. We are also grateful to our fantastic consumers who, by their purchases, support Indian artists and safeguard our traditional legacy. We offer a wide choice of products to meet a variety of tastes and styles.

We also provide exceptional customer service and quick shipping to ensure your buying experience with us is as smooth and pleasant as possible. Thank you for choosing Avatar Arts and supporting the talent of Indian artisans. We hope you enjoy our collection of unique handicrafts.
We look forward to serving you.