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Brass decorative items have always been used to enhance the decor of every living space in and outside India; however, in India, brass items have been used beyond decorative items and are used as utensils as well.

Brass decorative items for the home, like a brass horse statue or a brass urli, brings a Vintage feel to the entire decor of the house and have a certain element of aesthetics to them due to their intricate details and overall design!

Apart from being aesthetic and stunning at the same time, brass items are also very versatile, meaning they can be incorporated anywhere in the house. No matter what the living space's decor is based on, a brass item will blend with the remaining decorative items and furniture with ease and amplify the entire look of the place.

Brass's History

There is much archaeological evidence pointing towards ancient civilizations of India using brass and zinc in forging and trading, which makes our metallurgy knowledge centuries old. Civilizations like Lothla, Taxila, and Atranjikhera have used brass coins, utensils and decor items in the past, giving us an idea of how scientifically advanced our ancestors were. The art of forging and sculpting brass items has been passed on for ages, and our artisans at Avatar Arts have refined it and made it our mission to produce beautiful idols with intricate and fine details.

Brass is a very auspicious metal used in pooja utensils and is believed to bring good luck to households. Being a tough metal, brass idols and decor items have sometimes been passed down from previous family generations, making these items that much more important historically. Brass pooja items, too, have been passed from one generation to the other, and it is essential to note that pooja items like idols play a huge role in the cultural aspect of a family.

The rugged metal is famous for its longevity and relative maintenance, which has made it a household feature in many Indian families. As an alloy made from zinc and copper, brass decorative items for the living room or brass pooja items have a distinct colour, which makes them very appealing visually, thereby adding aesthetics to the entire room.

Brass in Indian Culture

Ancient Indian scriptures like the Vedas have often mentioned the use of brass objects in sacred rituals. Brass is associated with the god Agni, and as fire purifies things around it, brass is believed to bring positive energy and life vitality during fire rituals. As a part of Panchaloha, brass is one of the most important metals used in Indian pooja rituals and is, therefore, used in the forms of diyas or aartis.

As a vital metal in the Panchaloha concept, brass is said to symbolise divine beings and bring positive energy around them. Brass also contains heat considerably well compared to other metals and is used in rituals involving fire and heat.

Indian households use brass utensils in their everyday lives, and this metal has been prominent for centuries due to its ability to amplify the medicinal benefits of herbs and preserve food for a longer duration. Brass is often used in the kitchen as brass utensils like plates or tumblers amplify many health benefits, such as purifying blood and tackling many diseases like inflammation, asthma, and anaemia.

The royal families of the past often used brass decorative items for home as brass was a unique metal with a very distinctive colour which was appealing, and this metal created an aesthetic mood to the entire setup. Royal families have used brass urlis, diyas, and brass horse statues as part of their decor theme to enhance the decor themes of many rooms of their mansions and palaces.

Brass Decorative Items for Home

Brass decorative items for the living room, bedroom and workplace are abundant, and each of these items helps achieve a stunning decor theme with ease. A few of our most popular brass decorative items for the home are -

  • Brass hanging Diya With Brass Chain - A delight to look at, this decorative item also doubles as a diya. The brass chains perfectly complement the diyas, bringing an aesthetic look to the entire place with its elegance and glow. Hanging brass diyas are the perfect decor items for your pooja room to elevate the entire setup.

  • Brass Urli With Elephant - Brass urli with elephant is another brilliant brass decor piece that defines the creativity of artisans working with brass to forge beautiful decor items to look at and, second, as a centrepiece that can hold water for a more fluid design, thereby enhancing the entire place with a rustic and elegant look. The elephant adds to the artistic look of the urli and gives it an endearing look.

Brass Home Accents

Brass decor pieces are very versatile and blend with every material around them. The brass decor items can be placed on wood, glass, and plastics; the decor items' colour only elevates the entire look and ties the room together. The unique and distinctive colour of brass items gives a rustic and aesthetic look that blends flawlessly with a minimalistic yet sophisticated look.

Featured Product: Brass Horse Statue

The human mind works miraculously, and our inclinations towards any object usually depend on our desired feelings and characteristics. One such decor object is Avatar Arts' brass horse statue.

Our brass neck horse statue weighs 4.5 kilograms and is decked with brilliant stone and ringwork, amplifying the horse's beauty. The horse statue is a perfect size and symbolises love, care, loyalty and courage.

Avatar Arts' other brass horse statue weighs 2.2 kilograms is the epitome of elegance and signifies the much-needed balance and bravery in our lives. You can get these perfect brass horse statues from our website!

Quality and Craftsmanship

Avatar Arts takes pride in our artisans, who pay great attention to detail. We do not compromise on our quality, and artists take their time to come up with the perfect details that are symmetrical, elegant and beautiful. We use the best quality materials to give you the best-finished products you can cherish for a long time to make your living space look gorgeous and aesthetic.

Customisation Options

Avatar Arts do offer customization on some of our products. We are currently undertaking customizations in marble stone idols and artifacts. In brass products, we undertake customization only with a finish of your choice, and that too in a few products. If you are interested in customizing products, you can contact us on Whatsapp or email us for further details

Home Decor Tips

Brass decorative items for the living room are versatile and can be mixed and matched with various decor items. Items like urli, and hanging diyas can be paired with colourful flowers in and around them, which makes the entire room feel positive.

The decor items like a brass statue or an idol of any god can be mounted on a glass or wooden table or counter and can be combined with other decorative items to give that cohesive look. Brass decor items are perfect for an aesthetically pleasing rustic look for a warm and cosy decor idea!

And not only brass, Avatar Arts also offers a stunning selection of home decor items crafted from natural and enduring materials like wood, Up culture marble, Semi precious and bonded bronze. Each piece reflects the artistry and care of skilled craftspeople, bringing a touch of elegance and warmth to your living space. Here's how each material can enhance your home:

Warmth and Texture with Wood:

Natural Beauty: Wood introduces a touch of organic warmth and character to any room. The rich grain patterns and unique textures add visual interest and depth.

Versatility: Available in various finishes and styles, wood seamlessly integrates with diverse design aesthetics, from rustic to modern.

Durability: When properly cared for, wood furniture and decor pieces can last for generations, becoming cherished heirlooms.

Examples: Consider hand-carved wooden sculptures, decorative bowls, intricately patterned furniture, or wall art with a natural wood finish.

Timeless Elegance with Up culture Marble:

Sophistication: Up Culture Marble exudes an air of luxury and refinement. Its smooth, polished surface reflects light beautifully, creando a sense of spaciousness.

Classic Appeal: From ancient sculptures to contemporary designs, Up Culture marble's timeless elegance transcends trends, ensuring your decor stays relevant for years to come.

Versatility: Up Culture Marble works well in various settings, from grand living rooms to Office space, Institutions and Pooja Space. It complements various colour palettes and materials.

Examples: Explore elegant Up Culture Marble Idols which are plain and Hand Painted, Decorative Frames, Intricate Jali work Boxes, Elephant Statues and much more.

Intricate carvings with Bonded Bronze:

Aesthetically Unique: Bonded bronze offers exceptional aesthetics to the surroundings. The accent colour done with hand, gives unmatched long lasting lustre to the product.

Rich Patina: Bonded bronze has a unique patina, adding depth and character to the piece, making it a true conversation starter. It offers a number of advantages over traditional bronze, including its maintenance-free nature. Unlike traditional bronze, which can require regular cleaning and polishing to prevent oxidation, bonded bronze is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. This means that you can enjoy your bonded bronze artwork for years to come without having to worry about keeping it up.

Artistic Expression: Sculptors often utilise bonded bronze for its ability to capture intricate details, resulting in stunning artwork.

Examples: Discover captivating bonded bronze sculptures, decorative figurines, with a vintage bronze finish.

Inspiring Ideas:

Mix and Match: Combine elements of wood, marble, and bonded bronze to create a layered and visually interesting look. For example, pair a wooden console table with a marble vase and a bronze sculpture.

Highlight Craftsmanship: Choose pieces that showcase the unique characteristics and intricate details of each material.

Consider Function: Select decor items that not only enhance your space aesthetically but also serve a functional purpose, such as a wooden serving tray or a marble incense holder.

Personalize Your Decor: Let your personality shine through by choosing pieces that reflect your style and interests.

By incorporating wood, Up Culture marble, and bonded bronze into your home decor, you can create a space that is both beautiful and timeless, reflecting the artistry and heritage of these enduring materials. Browse the Avatar Arts collection and discover how these natural wonders can transform your living environment.


Handmade decor items are mesmerising and help enhance the look of the entire living or workspace. Visit our website and explore our diverse and dynamic decor articles to give yourself a chance to transform your living and working areas into spaces of positivity and creativity!

Brass home décor is considered to be very auspicious according to Vastu. It is meant to attract positive energy and wash away the negativity from the house. It brings harmony and good vibes. A peacock showpiece is the best brass home décor to be kept in the home according to the vastu.

Brass is considered to be a special metal for home decoration according to Vastu. It is a sign of positivity and hard work. It suits the best for kitchen and bathroom as it has some antibacterial properties. Moreover, it can also be used to add elegance to your home.

Brass is used in all celebrations because it is considered to be lucky, and it brings peace and prosperity to your home. It is meant to bring good luck into our lives and add warmth to our household.

There are many online websites available that deal with brass décor. The most popular one is Avatar arts from where you can buy unique brass décor with free shipping cost and add art of beauty to your home.

Avatar Arts is known for its beautifully scripted artwork that is made of wood, marble, and brass. They provide top-class handcrafted sculptures, and they depict peace and prosperity.

Yes, you can customise brass décor items.

You can place an order over the website or directly messages over WhatsApp. The order is delivered to you using a fast reliable courier service. The best part of the company is that they ship overseas as well. So, you can get your orders delivered at your doorstep.

Avatar Arts is operational from Monday to Saturday and the expected shipping time duration is considered to be 5 to 7 working days.

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