Collection: Brass Elephant Statue Idol

Brass elephant idols designed with intricate motifs and carvings by our skilled artisans, Avatar Arts presents top-tier brass idols to add to your home or office. Whether you want to add Indianness to your office or have cultural beliefs, the brass elephant idol can elevate your decor. The stunning designs available in various styles and sizes can add to your home decor. We create brass statues that will complement your space creating aesthetic visual appeal. You can check out our brass idols, which are available with quality and unique designs for your space.

The Significance of Elephant Brass Idol:

The elephant brass statue is not only limited to visual appeal but has significance. The elephant often associated with Lord Ganesha can bring positive values. It represents cultural and religious significance in societies, symbolising wisdom, luck, strength, power, and protection. Our intricately designed brass idols showcase the beauty of skilled artisans in developing statues for homes or places of worship that give protection and blessings. With cultural significance and symbolism of protection, strength, and courage, the idol placed at home or office can bring positive results. So, you can check out Avatar Arts for top quality brass statues with intricate designs and styles. 

Vastu Tips for Placing Elephant Statues At Home:

You can find many styles at brass idols shops in Hyderabad or online. To place these statues at home, using some vastu tips to bring positivity to your space is better. Some of these vastu tips are: 

  • Direction: Choosing the right direction when placing elephant statues can give the most benefits. Facing the north entrance is the best way to place the elephant statue at home. 

  • Material: Brass is highly malleable, making it easy to create intricate carvings. Moreover, they are resistant to corrosion and rust making them last longer. 

  • Placement: The brass elephant statue should be placed facing the entrance or door for the most benefit as they protect the space. 

  • Positioning: The statue should be positioned in the north as per vastu for benefits and positive energy in space. 

  • Symbolism: The brass elephant statue has cultural and religious symbolism. It emphasises strength, love, protection, power, courage, and divine energy. 

Advantages of Having a Brass Elephant Statue at Home or Work

Do you want to add positive decor to your home or office? A brass statue of an elephant is the best option. It can offer you a range of benefits and enhance your overall visual appeal. Here's how: 

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Elephant brass statues are extremely beautiful and available in various designs at our store. Adding these beautiful elephant statues can enhance your space's aesthetic appeal. Whether placed at entrances or cabinets, they give the space a royal and powerful aura. 

  • Symbolism and Cultural Relevance: Elephant has a strong cultural relevance associated with Lord Ganesha. It symbolises love, courage, power, protection, and strength. So, you can add positive energy to your space with an elephant statue brass. 

  • Durability and Longevity: Brass is available in good quality; it is long-lasting and durable. Unlike materials like glass and ceramic, they are high quality and can last long if maintained well by cleaning at regular intervals. 

What is the ideal placement for elephant idols in the office?

Whether you place a brass elephant statue at home or in the office, it should be placed with proper vastu. With the right vastu placement, the statue can give you positivity and bring better results. So, here are some of the brass elephant vastu arrangements at the office to choose from: 

  • Entrance or Reception Area: The elephant is said to be the protector and saviour. Keeping a brass elephant statue that you can find at our brass statue online shop will help you welcome security and positive energy at entry. It will give additional protective vibes, like an elephant, symbolising Ganesha as your saviour. 

  • Near the Main Workspace: When placing a brass statue at the main workspace, ensure it faces the entrance. You can make the statue face north towards the entrance from the main space acting as a protector of your work from any negative energy. 

  • Facing the Entrance: Keeping the statue facing the entrance symbolises power and success. It can protect the entrance from negative vibes entering your space. Thus driving positive energy. It can ensure your space drives positive energy to work and give a powerful outlook. 

  • On Bookshelves or Cabinets: Elephant brass statues can also be placed on bookshelves or cabinets in the office. If the elephant idol brass is small and needs to be placed in the office, you can keep the statue on bookshelves or cabinets facing the entrance. 

  • Near Important Meetings or Negotiation Areas: The elephant is symbolic of courage, strength, love, protection, and luck. Keeping the brass elephant statue in your negotiation areas can drive more luck and courage. It gives you positive energy that will guide you through your meetings. 

What is the best way to clean a brass statue?

You do not have to worry about difficulty with cleaning as our high-quality brass statues are easy to clean. To make it more convenient for you, here are the best ways to clean brass statues: 

  • Gentle Cleaning Techniques: You can gently clean our brass elephant idol using a soft-bristled brush or cloth. To remove dust particles from every corner of the statue, you can gently brush using soft-bristled brushes available. You can also use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda with a brush to clean the statue in case of long overdue cleaning. 

  • Polishing Methods: The polishing after cleaning is an optional step. You can avoid polishing as the good quality brass decorative items for home usually last longer. However, applying brass polish can protect brass statues from tarnishing. Polishing is required after a long time. You can polish the statue with polishing after cleaning it thoroughly. 

  • Careful Handling to Avoid Damage: Good-quality elephant idol brass is fragile; it needs careful handling to avoid damage. Avoid rubbing cloth or brush too hard when cleaning, do not use abrasive cleaners, and keep them dry. It will ensure the quality is protected for the long term and the brass statue looks fine. 

  • Recommended Frequency of Cleaning: Ensure you do not overdo the cleaning process when cleaning brass statues. Limit cleaning with a brush or microfibre cloths on alternative days. For a mixture of lemon water, make sure you use it after a month or more when thorough cleaning is required. 


The beautiful brass statues Bangalore or online can add cultural significance and beauty to your home or workspace. Symbolic of strength, protection, and love drives positive energy in space.  So, you can add stunning statues for a classic, traditional, and Indian feel to your space and uplift your decor. Avatar Arts brings you top-tier quality brass statues to shop. 

The elephant symbolises wisdom and strength. Keeping a brass elephant statue is also believed to bring good luck as per Indian mythologies. You can buy different styles of brass elephant statues like elephants pair with carvings, wooden hand-painted elephant, urli on elephant in brass, uptrunk elephant tea light holder, uptrunk elephant statue, elephant hanging lamp from the Avatar Arts website.

Yes, as per Vastu you can keep two elephants at home. Trunk up or trunk down both are considered auspicious for the home. It is believed that the statues of elephants harmonize the familial bonds and bring peace and love in relationships. Ideally, they should be positioned in the north direction.

As per Vastu, the elephant statues or elephant idol faces should be kept near the front door of the house. North is considered the best direction to keep the idol and bring luck and positivity to your abode.

Elephant statues are considered auspicious and believed to bring luck. It can be integrated into a home in various ways such as you can buy an elephant candle stand, urli on elephant in brass, an elephant hanging lamp, and a simple brass elephant statue for you living area.

Yes, you can keep just one elephant statue at home. Elephants are the symbol of power and strength. You can visit our online store to check out our latest collection of brass elephant statues.