Collection: Brass Diyas

Brief Overview of Avatar's Brass Diya Collection 

Avatar Arts is the leader in producing brass diyas for pooja and takes pride in the quality of the diyas that they produce. The artisans at Avatar Arts use techniques passed on from past generations to make diyas that not only fulfil the purpose of lighting a place but also make diyas that are charming to look at. The brass diyas have intricate details that make them look aesthetic and are the perfect decor pieces to bring charm to your pooja room!

The Significance Of Diyas In Hindu Culture

Diyas in the Hindu Culture have a significant place in many rituals and are a vital element in the philosophical thoughts of the Hindu culture. A diya or a lamp signifies light or knowledge that eliminates darkness or ignorance in one's life. 

In the Hindu culture, brass diyas for pooja are very common in every household and play a significant role in every ritual during everyday pooja and festivals. 

Spiritual Significance Of Diya

Role In Auspicious Rituals

In the Hindu culture, diyas signify new beginnings and positive starts. Diyas are lit during every auspicious ritual because they indicate a start or  and signal to move forward with a task with complete positivity and vitality. 

Symbolism Of Light

Lighting diyas is a very symbolic process in the Hindu culture as it symbolises a positive start. In the Hindu culture, light signifies the illumination of thoughts and the destruction of ignorance. 

Light also signifies knowledge and knowledge importance in removing darkness in one's mind and thoughts. Brass lamps act as a medium to contain the light, which is often associated with wealth and happiness that we desire to remain eternal. 

Importance of Brass Diya in Pooja

Brass Diya for pooja are among the most common diyas used nationwide in pooja rooms. Brass diyas are mediums that hold light within them and signify bearers of shagun or good omen before the start of important and auspicious tasks. 

Avatar Arts is one of India's leading brass diya sellers and has a diverse collection of diyas that are spectacular to look at. Avatar Arts has a brass diyas hanging collection with intricate designs made using handmade brass forging and sculpting techniques, which are pleasing to look at and charming as decor in various rooms of your house or place of work. You can buy brass diyas online from our website!

Features and Benefits of Brass Diya:

The reason why brass diyas are popular in households for pooja or decorative purposes is because of various factors like:

  • Durability & Longevity -  Brass is a combination of Copper and Zinc and is a hard metal with a long life span thanks to the toughness of the alloy. The hard metal is easy to maintain and malleable, which makes it a perfect option for a long-lasting diya. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal - Brass diyas are a delight to look at, and the malleability of the metal makes it a prime prospect for carving intricate details. These carvings make the diyas look alive, catch the attention of viewers, and look more charming. 
  • Variety Of Shapes & Size -  Brass diyas come in various shapes and sizes, making them popular among people with diverse budgets and likes. Avatar Arts is home to a diverse collection of brass diyas, and our popular brass diyas hanging collection is charming to look at and functions as a decorative diya for various occasions. You can now check and buy diyas online from our website!
  • Easy To Maintain - Brass diyas are easy to maintain and have an easy cleaning process, which is another factor that makes brass diyas very popular.
  • Enhanced Ambiance - Brass diyas have a very charming look, which combines aesthetics and complexity in a very subtle manner. The carvings on the diyas, combined with their structure and the brass's colour, enhance the entire room's ambience. 
  • Symbolism & Spiritual Significance -  Brass diyas, according to Hindu culture, are considered mediums that hold the light of knowledge and help perish the darkness of ignorance through the light of knowledge. 

Types Of Brass Diyas 

  • Akhand Deepam - Akhand deepam or eternal deepam is a concept in Indian households and the Hindu Culture. An Akhanda Deepam is supposed to burn throughout the day and night and was the primary source of light during ancient times. Check out our website to buy Akhanda brass diyas online!
  • Decorative Brass Diyas - Decorative diyas come in various sizes and designs, each unique in its own right. Decorative brass diyas have many elements to them, which makes them charming to look at and have a dual purpose of a lamp and a decorative item to enhance the entire ambience of a room. 
  • Long Diya - Long Diyas are very common in various regions of India and are used during specific rituals like various vrathas or during festivals. Long diyas come in many sizes and have multiple carvings, making them a delight. 
  • Brass Diyas For Specific Purposes - There are many occasions where specific types of brass diyas are used; for example, long diyas are used during festivals and vrathas, whereas short brass and decorative lamps are used during nuptials. Aartis are also made of brass and are considered brass diyas, used only during aartis, making brass diyas very diverse and dynamic. 

Occasion Specific Diyas 

Diyas are a must in Indian festivals, and each festival in every region has a specific type of diyas for every festival. Small diyas are used to decorate homes during Deepavali, whereas festivals like Dusherra use long lamps. There are also options in brass diyas that can be used as a gifting option during festivals or corporate get-togethers. 

Metaphorical Meaning Behind Diya

Every Indian or Hindu ritual is always backed by philosophy and science. The diyas, too, have a philosophical notion, which is represented metaphorically. In many Hindu schools of thought, a diya represents the human body, the oil, the impurities or evil thoughts which haunt us; the wick is associated with aatman or our soul, and the light at the tip of the wick is enlightenment or illumination of thoughts. This means that by lighting a diya, we acknowledge that we need to get rid of the materialistic world and thoughts to become enlightened. 

Usage & Maintenance

Instructions To Use - A brass diya, like any other diyas, has a platform where oil or ghee can be poured, and multiple ridges at the top of the base of the diya hold the wick away from the oil, thereby allowing the light to burn while the wick absorbs the oil. 

While using the lamp, make sure there are no flammable materials around it and place the lamp where it is accessible. We also need to ensure that the flames in the diya are regulated before leaving it unattended.

Maintenance Tips - A brass diya is simple and requires little effort. After using the diya, wash the diya with soap and water and wipe it with a soft towel. After the diya is dried, you can use toothpaste to give the diya a lustrous look. After this process, you can store the diya in a dry place for enhanced longevity. 

Why Choose Avatar Arts?

Avatar Arts is one of the leading brass idol shops in Bangalore, which also specialises in making brass diyas and has a collection of their famous brass diya hanging collection. Avatar Arts is the best place to buy brass diyas because of various factors like - 

  • Quality & Craftsmanship - Avatar Arts believes in providing quality brass diyas to our customers, and our 15 years of experience in this field and our experienced artisans make for a perfect combination for flawless brass diyas. 
  • Artistic Design & Aesthetics - Avatar Arts is home to a diverse range of brass diya designs that are a class apart from common brass diyas in the market. The design and quality of the craftsmanship make the diyas look charming and aesthetic. 
  • Materials Used - We use only quality materials to make the best brass diyas for our customers. 
  • Reputation & Reviews - Avatar Arts has over a decade of experience and is a leading brass statues online shop specialising in brass items like brass diyas with a plethora of experience crafting the best brass diyas!
  • Spiritual Significance - We at Avatar Arts understand the spiritual significance of diyas and ensure that we maintain their sanctity while making and packing them, thereby preserving their spiritual significance.
  • Range Of Products - Apart from diyas, we have a diverse collection of brass idols, which makes us the leader in the field of brass diyas and idols. 
  • Customer Service - We at Avatar Arts prioritise our customers' satisfaction before anything else and ensure that we help you find the best brass diyas for your home!
  • Ethical & Sustainable Practices - All our materials are ethically sourced, and our artisans ensure they use the raw materials most economically and effectively to reduce wastage. At the same time, come up with the best possible final products. 
  • Cultural Sensitivity - We at Avatar Arts understand our culture appropriately and use our knowledge to churn the best brass diyas with cultural tints for our customers!

Brass Diyas, used in pooja, has special significance. They create a peaceful atmosphere and spread positive energy due to their unique sound. These diyas attract good vibes and help remove negative thoughts, leading us toward unconditional love. You can find a variety of Brass Diyas at Avatar Arts.

  • Wipe the idol with a clean cloth to remove the dust if any.
  • Use a paste made of lemon and sour curds and apply the same
  • Wash the paste after 10 minutes under running water.
  • Use a dry cloth and wipe the lamps & they are ready to use.

Diyas can face east or north. Facing east is believed to bring health, and facing north brings wealth. This is a popular belief and can be done while keeping diyas as per your preference at home.

You can buy brass diyas from Avatar Arts. We offer a variety of beautiful brass diyas that are perfect for festivals and home decoration. Visit our website or contact us to purchase brass diyas and add a touch of tradition to your home

Yes, there are various types of Brass Diyas available at Avatar Arts. We offer a wide range of sizes and designs. Our popular Brass diyas are Brass Ganesha Diya, Brass Urli Cum Diya, Brass Peacock Annapakshi Diya Pair, Brass Tortoise Diya, and more. You may visit our online store or contact us for more options.

For daily worship, lighting one or two diyas is suitable. It is suggested to use two wicks for a single diya, and our Panchmukhi diya can hold multiple wicks. But during Diwali, it is customary to light many diyas to bring brightness and prosperity. Lighting thirteen diyas on Diwali and Dhanteras is believed to bring good health and prosperity according to Hindu mythology.

There are various types of diyas available, each with specific symbolic meanings. Brass diyas are commonly used in Indian households for functions, ceremonies, and festivals. They symbolize purity and goodness, as they expel darkness and provide divine light when lit. Lighting brass diyas has both spiritual and scientific benefits. They promote good health and dispel negative energy, creating a positive atmosphere. Some types include the Tortoise diya for longevity and success, the Kuberar diya for wealth, and the Gajalakshmi diya for prosperity. You can find these beautiful brass diyas and more at Avatar Arts.

Brass Diyas from Avatar Arts are ideal for Pooja rituals as they are made of brass, which is considered sacred in Hindu culture. These Diyas hold oil and a cotton wick, creating a steady flame that symbolizes divine presence. With our exquisite craftsmanship, they enhance the beauty of the pooja room.