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According to the Hindu way of life, Maa Durga is the mother of the universe. It is believed that Maa Durga, who is Shakti, symbolizes cosmic energy and gave birth to the universe from her cosmic womb. Hindus across the world worship this feminine energy of Maa Durga and seek blessing from the divine mother.

Often represented in a fierce form, Maa Durga is rather bliss incarnate and is compassionate towards her devotees. As the mother of the universe, she wields various weapons to protect her devotees from adharma. Maa Durga is worshipped across India in multiple forms and represents the very life force of living beings. At Avatar Arts, our artists have perfectly captured the elements of the Devi in our Maa Durga Brass idols so that you bring your home or workplace the symbol of bravery, compassion, and positive energy itself.

Maa Durga is a testament to the feminine energy of the world and the ability of a mother to handle multiple tasks together while at the same time being compassionate and blissful. She is also a fierce protector of her devotees, whom she considers her children and does not shy away from protecting dharma for the welfare of all the living beings in this world and beyond.

Significance of Maa Durga's Features

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, shanti rupena sangsthita

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, shakti rupena sangsthita

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, matri rupena sangsthita

Yaa devi sarva bhuteshu, buddhi rupena sangsthita

Namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai, namo namaha

The above shloka perfectly describes the characteristics of Maa Durga and translates to -

'The goddess who is omnipresent as the personification of the universal mother

The goddess who is omnipresent as the embodiment of the power

Oh, Goddess (Devi), who resides everywhere in all living beings as intelligence and beauty,

I bow to her, I bow to her, I bow to her again & again.'

We at Avatar Arts have intricately craved and forged all the elements of the Devi in our Maa Durga Brass idol and have paid heed to details significant to understanding the energy of Maa Durga and the workings of the universe.

At the centre of all her weapons, Maa Durga wields the Trishul, which represents the Rajas ( Energy), Tamas (Calmness), and Satva ( Salvation), and the balance between the three fundamental qualities of every living being.

The sharp sword of Maa Durga represents intellect and wisdom, which always need to be sharp to ensure that one knows the difference between right and wrong.

Maa Durga also wields a bow and arrow, representing focus and power, respectively, and signifies the importance of the balance between power and potential to lead a steady life focusing on a goal. The arrows also show the significance of taking swift actions to protect what we hold dear.

The Sudarshana Chakra symbolizes the infinite time cycle and the Devi herself as the entire universe revolves around her as the Chakra around her index finger.

Lotus has always been the symbol of vitality. Maa Durga, the mother of the universe, holds a lotus to signify energy, purity, and the rise of our spiritual energy from the darkness and murky water of our ignorance.

Shanka symbolizes the resolution of human beings, and the sound produced by this divine conch resonates with the syllable 'OM.'

The mace in her hands symbolizes the mental and physical strength of Maa Durga and her love towards her devotees, for whom she will use a mace to protect when necessary.

Maa Durga, apart from being a bliss incarnate and a compassionate mother to all her devotees, is also the personification of strength and knowledge, which are driving forces behind the wisdom and intellect of every living form.

Maa Durga is considered the very energy that drives the universe and the mother of all beings throughout this country of diverse cultural practices. Worshipped in her different forms across this Punya Bhoomi, she epitomises courage, knowledge, strength, purity, and the life force personified.

In Karthika, Maa Durga is worshipped for ten days and nine nights. Each day and night represents a form of Devi and is worshipped for health, wealth, knowledge, and joy across the country in different ways. Still, the devotion remains the same, uniting the nation and billions of people across the globe. The Navratri and Dussehra celebrations bind the country together as people embrace diverse cultures to unite spiritually!

Celebration of Dussehra in Different Parts of India

India is a land of diverse and dynamic culture, but festivals like the Navratri and Dussehra unite everyone irrespective of gender and age and give way to joyous celebrations.

The nation is glittered with a celebration of all kinds, from Garbha in Gujurat, where people celebrate the feminine form of energy from the onset of the Karthika month to the end with dances in their beautifully coloured attires, to Durga Pooja in Bengal with its diverse and unique pandals which house every known form of Maa Durga.

In the Southern region of India, Dussehra is celebrated pompously by lighting the Mysuru Palace and the procession of the beautiful Anbari. The houses across the country deck their homes with dolls, showing the celebrations of life and culture, which makes Navratri even more joyous and fun.

No matter where you are from in this beautiful country or what culture you follow, our devotion to the personification of energy and life force, Maa Durga, will remain the same!

Get home, Maa Durga Brass Murti

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The nine forms of Maa Durga are

  • Maa Shailputri
  • Maa Bramhacharini
  • Maa Chandraghanta
  • Maa Khusmanda
  • Maa Skandamata
  • Maa Katyayini
  • Maa Kaalratri
  • Maa Mahagauri
  • Maa Siddidatri

The nine forms are worshipped every night for nine days in the same order during Navaratri.

Cleaning and maintaining Maa Durga Brass Idol is easy and simple. We recommend you to

  • Wipe the idol with a clean cloth to remove the dust if any.
  • Use a paste made of lemon and sour curds and apply the same Wash the paste after 10 minutes under running water.
  • Use a dry cloth and wipe the idol &
  • Store it in a cool, dry place for maximum shine and longevity.

Yes, the Maa Durga brass idol is a suitable gift! Maa Durga is the epitome of positive energy and the source of life, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones.

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The Trishul in Maa Durga's hand symbolises energy, calmness and salvation. The sharp sword symbolises intellect and wisdom, while the lotus signifies vitality, purity, and resolve. The Sudarshana chakra symbolises the infinity of time, and the Shankha represents the vibrations of the syllable 'OM'. The mace represents mental and physical strength.

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