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Avatar Arts is one of India's premium art houses that takes pride in combining spirituality with the precise craftsmanship of artisans with decades of experience in making brass Ganesha statues. Our artisans have carried down centuries of cultural and artistic skills that help us present you with detailed idols filled with cultural and artistic pride. 

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Ganesha is very dear to our hearts. Lovingly called Vighnaharta and Lambodhara, Ganesha is the epitome of good fortune. Our craftsmen take immense joy in crafting brass Ganesha statues with a lot of patience; the artisans at Avatar Arts ensure that all the intricate are carefully crafted to give you the best brass Ganesh idol for home. You can now buy Ganapati online from our website for all your gifting and pooja ritual needs!

The Symbolism Of Ganesha

Lord Ganesha - Ganesha is the epitome of wisdom and knowledge that is portrayed through his adorable elephant head. Ganesha also teaches us that it is okay to not be perfect all the time through his broken tusk while his charming large ears represent open-mindedness and the mushika vahana symbolises reigning in our fickle mind. You can buy Ganesh idols online from our user-friendly website!

Lord Shiva - Worshiped with the highest regard, the three-eyed god of gods represents reality and the destroyer of illusion. As a member of the trimurthis, the trishul represents the cycle of life: creation, preservation and destruction. Visit our website to check our collection of Brass Idols online!

Devi Parvathi -  The source of energy and the universe, Devi Parvathi is considered the primary and ultimate energy source and the bringer of positivity and life force. While the lotus in Devi’s arm represents vitality and purity her vahana, the tiger symbolises courage and bravery.

Lord Murugan/Subramanya - The general of the army of gods, Subramanya symbolises bravery and courage. Lord Murugan protects dharma with the trustworthy companion, peacock which represents swiftness of righteous action. The six-headed Subramanya with his twelve arms represents our ability to multitask while uploading dharma.

The Significance Of A Brass Ganesha Idol

  • Remover Of Obstacles - Ganesha is considered the remover of obstacles and the god of good fortune. A brass Ganesha idol is the perfect gift to remember and worship the god of positivity and wisdom. 

  • Symbol Of Wisdom & Knowledge -  Ganesha is the god of wisdom & knowledge and is often considered to be worshipped before starting any new task, irrespective of the magnanimity of the task. 

  • Positivity & Protection - Ganesha, also known as Vignaharta, or the remover of obstacles, is known for spreading positivity across minds. Ganesha also protects against negative thoughts and is worshipped for courage and wisdom. A Brass Ganesh idols for home is ideal for a positive atmosphere.

  • Spiritual Significance - As the God of Wisdom, masses worldwide always meditate upon Ganesha for health, wisdom and wealth. 

  • Decorative & Aesthetic Value -  A brass Ganesha idol for home adds a lot of cosmetic and aesthetic value to the entire decor of the house. You can buy Ganpati online from our store.

  • Rituals & Worship - A brass Ganesha statue is one of the most common idols present in the pooja rooms of Indian households. The idols are often used in many rituals during various festivals and are worshipped along with other deities, making Ganesha idols very important in Indian households. When a question arises on where to buy a Ganesha idol in Bangalore, visit our website for an exquisite collection of Ganesha idols for your pooja room. 

  • Promotion Of Arts & Culture -  Any idol made by craftsmen using techniques passed down from generations has an impact on the nation's economy and the upholding of the arts and culture of an entire nation! You can now buy Ganpati online from our collection of handcrafted brass idols!

Choosing The Right Brass Ganesha Statue 

Buying a brass Ganesha idol can be an emotional and financial investment, and that is why it is essential to buy the right brass Ganesh idol for home. The various factors that you must look for before buying Ganesh idol online are - 

  • Size - Ganesha idols come in various sizes, and you must decide the right size that is convenient for you, considering the amount of space you can allot to the idol. 

  • Style & Pose - Like size, Ganesha idols come in various styles and poses. Each pose and style have different significance, and as a buyer, you must decide the purpose of your purchase! You can now buy Ganesh idols online from our website with various pose and style options!

  • Materials - The most common materials used to make Ganesha idols are brass, clay, ceramic, silver and glass. 

  • Details & Craftsmanship -  Ganesha idols come in many styles and forms, each method having its own touch of uniqueness. You can choose the details and artwork that you find attractive and buy one that feels close to your heart.

  • Symbolism - Ganesha symbolises good omen, positivity, wisdom, knowledge and courage. No matter what you want to gain, a Ganesha idol can empower you towards positivity! 

  • Colour - The various materials used to make Ganesha idols result in the diverse colours you can find the idol in. You can buy a Ganesha idol of your colour based on your taste. 

  • Placement - A Ganesha idol can be placed in any quarter of a house, and based on the region, you can decide the material and colour of your Ganesha idol. 

  • Budget - Buying a brass Ganesha idol for a home will be a significant investment, and it is always better to have a budget in mind before shopping for an idol.  

  • Cleansing & Maintenance - Cleaning and maintaining an idol can be difficult, and each material requires using different cleaning agents.

  • Personal Connection - Every idol has a unique charm, and we advise you to buy the one that charms you the most, as a connection with an idol can help form discipline. You can buy a Ganesh idol online from your website!

Usage & Placement Of Brass Ganesha

A few places where you can use a brass Ganesha idol and a few occasions where the idol will look magnificent are - 

  • Home decor and Themes

  • Work Space

  • Altar or Puja Room

  • Gardens or Outdoor Spaces

  • Special Occasions and Festivals

  • Travel and Transitions 

  • Temple

Why Choose Avatar Arts?

If you are wondering where to buy a Ganesha idol in Bangalore, then Avatar Arts should be your go-to-destination as we do not compromise on - 
  • Quality & Craftsmanship - We use top-quality materials to forge our idols. Our craftsmen are highly talented individuals who have a personal connection to the art pieces they produce!

  • Artistic Design and Aesthetics - Our idols are charming and aesthetically designed for a beautiful look.

  • Materials Used - We use top-quality raw materials to make all our idols and take pride in the quality of the idols we produce for our customers.

  • Reputation and Reviews - Avatar Arts is one of the leading makers of brass statues in BangaloreWith 15 years of experience in the idol-making industry, our reputation as artisans precedes us.

  • Spiritual Significance - All our idols are made with a lot of devotion so that our beautiful idols can reach homes to owners who can carry on the culture of this way of life. 

  • Range of Products - Avatar Arts houses a wide range of products, making it the leader in this industry. 

  • Customer Service -  We provide end-to-end customer support to all our customers, so buying an idol can be satisfying and hassle-free.

  • Ethical and Sustainable Practices - All our raw materials are ethically sourced, allowing us to keep the sanctity of the idols intact and take pride in our art and culture. 
  • Cultural Sensitivity - We follow the methods of making idols as taught by our forefathers by keeping in mind the sanctity of the craft, which makes us take great pride in our idols and the techniques used to make them.

Keeping a Lord Ganesha statue in your home or mandir can bring good luck, happiness, and prosperity. It is also believed that Lord Ganesha can bring wisdom and knowledge into your life. Get your Lord Ganesha Statue at Avatar Arts.

Lord Ganesha is often associated with good fortune, prosperity, and success, and is believed to bring good luck to his worshippers. Having a Lord Ganesha statue in your home or office can infuse the surroundings with luck and prosperity. For a Brass Ganesha Statue, visit Avatars Arts, your destination for divine craftsmanship.

Yes, the Brass Ganesha idol is excellent for your home. Lord Ganesha brings positive energy, balance, and prosperity to your surroundings. When you keep the Brass Ganesha idol in your home or office, it invites success, harmony, and abundance. To adorn your space with a beautiful Brass Ganesha Statue, visit Avatar Arts.

Lord Ganesha is traditionally placed in different locations within a home or mandir depending on the desired outcome. To bring wealth and prosperity, place Ganesha in the northeast corner. For luck and success, place him in the east facing west. To bring peace and harmony, place him in the southeast corner. For learning and knowledge, place him north. For good health, place him in the southwest corner.

Lord Ganesha is one of the most important gods in Hindu mythology. Lord Ganesha has an elephant head because it represents the combination of the soul and the physical body. He is the patron of various aspects of life and is known for removing obstacles.

Ganesha is worshipped at the beginning of Hindu rituals and ceremonies as the remover of obstacles. He is invoked for blessings, success, and prosperity, and is considered a guide and protector. Shop your Ganesha statue at Avatar Arts now!

There are several interesting interpretations of why Lord Ganesha's vehicle is a mouse, often called Mushak or Mooshika in Sanskrit. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

Mythological Tale:

The most popular story comes from the Matsya Purana. A celestial musician named Krauncha accidentally offended a sage and was cursed to become a giant, destructive mouse. Lord Ganesha subdued the mouse and, impressed by its humility, offered him redemption by becoming his vehicle. This symbolizes conquering obstacles and overcoming pride.

Symbolizes Meanings:

Wisdom & Resourcefulness: Like mice, Ganesha is clever and overcomes obstacles.

Duality & Balance: Big god, small creature reflects opposites existing together.

Overcoming Aversion: Accepting all aspects of life, even the "undesirable."

Control & Challenge: Represents Ganesha's power to manage negativity and difficulties.

Choose Avatar Art Brand for Brass Ganesha idols because they are made from the best quality brass. The idols are beautifully designed to make your home look fancy and special, like a royal palace for Ganesha.

Yes, Avatar Art Brass Ganesha idols are perfect for worshipping not only at home but also in offices, schools, and colleges. Get your Lord Ganesha Statue from Avatar Arts today and invite good luck, joy, and success into your life.

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