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The Nataraja form of Shiva represents the god's cosmic dance that represents life itself. The cosmic dance is the embodiment of creation, preservation, and destruction of lifeform. The cosmic dance of Lord Shiva inspires Avatar Arts' brass Nataraja statue and has beautifully captured the iconic pose. By using top-quality brass, the solid idol of Nataraja is made to last for generations, making it the perfect decor item for your workspace or living room. The Nataraja statue can also be placed in your pooja room to enhance the look and feel of your place of worship.

The artisans at Avatar Arts are meticulously trained in the art and skill of making handmade brass statues using traditional techniques passed on to them by their previous generations. Besides keeping the traditional handcrafted method of brass statue-making alive, our highly skilled artisans have a knack for creating intricate details that enhance the look of the statues. The details are crafted with great precision and employ cultural elements that make the statues mesmerizing when looked at in detail.

Our use of high-quality brass to make the brass Nataraja Statue ensures that the statue has extended longevity. The top-quality brass is easy to maintain and clean as it is less prone to damage from its surroundings and the natural environment. All the above factors make us at Avatar Arts the best place to buy a brass Nataraja Statue to elevate your spiritual experience and give your place of work or home a rustic and aesthetic look.

Symbolism and Cultural Significance

The cosmic dance of Nataraja symbolises the very cycle of life, which constitutes creation, preservation and destruction. The cosmic dance is set within the cosmic ring of fire or the prabha mandala, which represents the cyclical nature of time - the concept that time is infinite.

The pose of the Nataraja represents the cyclical feature of time and the concept of Srishti, Stithi and Samhara. The pose also represents Tirobhava and Anugraha, which we will discuss in detail.

Let us now understand in detail what the pose of Nataraja symbolises and why scientific communities worldwide look towards the dance form of Lord Shiva while trying to understand the universe -

Srishti Or Creation

Srishti, or creation, is the beginning of organic and inorganic beings. Nataraja holds a damaru in his upper right hand that signifies creation or Srishti. Hindus have historically believed that creation starts from sound and vibrations. Science has now shown that subatomic particles that form the essence of inorganic and organic creations perform an energy dance or vibration.

Scientists and Physicists worldwide reckon that Nataraja represents the very aspect of existence and that the vibrations of the subatomic particles are what bind and destroy the universe and everything in it.

Stithi Or Preservation

As much as dance is seen as a series of movements, there are tiny fractions of time where there is stillness, represented by Lord Nataraja's lower right hand, which is relaxed and still. The lower right hand performs the Abhaya mudra, which signifies courage and protection. It is believed the Abhaya mudra indicates his commitment to preserving the universe while at the same time his love for his devotees whom he wishes to protect.

Samhara Or Destruction

Samhara, or destruction, is the very essence of creation. What is created is destroyed in the end while the universe prepares to reset itself, an age-old belief among many practising Hindus worldwide.

Lord Nataraja holds fire in his upper left arm, symbolising destruction and cleansing. It is interesting that the pose constitutes the upper right and left arm, showing the concept of creation and destruction, thereby signifying the balance required to maintain the universe.

Thirobhava Or Ignorance

The right foot of Lord Nataraja is placed on a dwarf, which symbolises the ego of creations and highlights the concept of insignificance - Every creation pales in comparison to the vastness of the universe and time. The pose advises everyone to eliminate ignorance and understand that the universe and everyone in it is an illusion of infinite proportions.

Anugraha Or Grace/ Blessings

Everyone, at a certain point in their lives, needs the grace of the universe to shine upon them. Lord Nataraja's lower left arm points towards the raised left leg, indicating that the path to moksha is to surrender to him and to get rid of ignorance to realise the truth of the universe.

In the Hindu way of life, the ultimate goal for all beings is not to seek heaven and its pleasures but to attain moksha or self-realisation. By shredding our ego and surrendering ourselves to the Lord, we can become one with the universe or Brahman.

Historically, the oldest mentions of Nataraja Swamy are seen as sculptures in the ancient caves of Badami and Nagarahole, some of which date back to the 6th century BCE. The Chola temple of Chidambaram is one of the most well-preserved statues of Nataraja Swamy, which dates back to the 10th century BCE.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Top-Quality Materials - Avatar Arts uses the best brass available to sculpt and forge brass Nataraja idols to help you experience the divinity of the Lord. Our brass also ensures that the idol has a long life, which makes it perfect for a family heirloom.

Craftsmanship - Our highly skilled experts produce the best brass Nataraja idols. Their skills include adding delicate and intricate details to the idols to enhance and incorporate everything culturally important.

Traditional Handcrafting Method - Our artisans use traditional methods passed down from generations to make handmade idols of Lord Nataraja.

Care & Maintenance

  • It's very easy to clean brass.

  • Take 1/2 cup kerosene or diesel and add 4 to 5 drops of any edible oil to it.

  • Remove the dust from the brass artifact and apply this mixture with cotton cloth. Rub it with another cotton cloth. This method will give natural shine to the artifact without harming it.


Our brass Nataraja statue is the perfect representation of the cosmic dance of Lord Nataraja. Our high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship amaze you when you look at this form of Lord Shiva. Visit our website to get more details about our idol, Lord Nataraja!

The Nataraja idol is an excellent source of positive energy and emits a certain aura that helps us energise ourselves and gain clarity of thoughts. We recommend you position the idol in the house's northeast for maximum benefits.

Nataraja is believed to perform the cosmic dance representing creation, preservation and destruction. The hands of Nataraja represent

  • Right Upper Hand - The damaru in the right upper hand signifies the sound of creation and reverberates the syllable 'OM'.
  • Right Lower Hand - Abhaya Mudra in the lower right arm signifies stillness and Lord Nataraja's resolve to protect his devotees.
  • Left Upper Hand - Lord Nataraja holds a fire that symbolises destruction and the rebirth of the time process.
  • Left Lower Hand - The lower left hand points towards Lord Nataraja's left foot, showing that one needs to surrender to Lord Shiva to attain moksha or salvation.

Yes, you can keep the brass Nataraja statue at home. The Nataraja statue emits significant positive energy, which is an excellent addition to the house.

Brass is a very rugged metal with a unique rustic appearance that makes it visually charming. Brass is also tough and has significant longevity, making it sought after.

The Chidambaram temple in Tamil Nadu is called the home of Nataraja, as the temple houses one of the oldest Nataraja statues in the world.

Nataraja is the king of dance.

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper. Of the two, copper is used more than zinc. Other elements, lead, oxygen, tin and iron, are also used to make brass. It is important to note that we use the best proportions of copper and zinc to get the best quality of brass.

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Lord Nataraja's pose is believed to be the cosmic dance representing creation, preservation and destruction. The pose also symbolises the path to attain Moksha ( Salvation) and the destruction of ego through complete surrender to the Lord himself.