Brass Cow and Calf Statue Idol

The blessings and positivity that a brass cow and calf idol brings to your space are unmatched. Sometimes referred to as kamdhenu or Kamadugha, the beautiful brass statue available in different styles and sizes adds to the beauty of your home. The traditional and cultural significance of cow or calf statues at home has been prevalent since ancient times. Avatar Arts designs and crafts brass idols with intricacies by adding more quality and beauty to the statues. From visual appeal to cultural significance, these brass statues can amplify any space when placed at home. So, check out some of the beautiful brass statues created with quality material to last longer and give aesthetic appeal.

The Significance of Kamdhenu Cow Brass Idol:

Vastu derives a lot of value and motivation from Hindu culture; the significance of kamdhenu can be seen in religious beliefs and Hindu culture. Through its horns, Kamdhenu represents the trinity of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma. According to beliefs, the brass cow and calf bring prosperity, wealth, health, success, and positivity. So, enhance your home and office with beautiful brass idols to add cultural significance. 

What advantages does the Brass Cow and Calf offer?

Do you want to know why you must add our brass kaamdhenu cow with calf? Our stunning  brass statues Bangalore can add value to your home in ways that will elevate the overall space. Here are some of the unique benefits of the brass statue of cows and calf: 

  • Aesthetic Appeal:  The stunning and intricately designed brass statue of a calf and cow can add visual appeal to your prayer room. If you want to place selective statues in your prayer room, the kamadhenu statue, designed beautifully, is perfect for you.  

  • Craftsmanship: The idols represent the true craftsmanship you can find on brass statues. Designed with beautiful motifs, different styles, and intricate carvings, they are beautiful. 

  • Cultural Significance:  These brass cow and calf idols have cultural significance that can bring prosperity and positive energy. If you have cultural beliefs on kamadhenu, you will understand how precious and prosperous it can be. 

  • Durability:  Made from brass, they resist corrosion and rust, making them last longer. Moreover, they are easy to clean and stay intact for a long time if maintained properly. 

  • Conversation Piece: The kamdhenu cow with calf idol is a beautiful conversation piece that sparks interesting discussions. 

  • Versatility: The brass idols are versatile; they can be placed at home as decorative or statement pieces to elevate aesthetic appeal. Also, they can be placed in a room for worship to bring positivity to your space. 

  • Gift Potential: These beautifully crafted brass idols can be the perfect gift option for anyone. If you know someone building a home or office space, gifting a brass cow and calf idol is a thoughtful gift.  

  • Investment: The brass idols last longer and can be polished again to revamp their shine. So, they are a good investment for your home decor or cultural significance. 

Benefits of Having a Cow and Calf Statue in Your Home

Placing a Cow and calf statue at home that you can buy from brass idol shops in Hyderabad or online can bring many benefits. Due to its cultural and religious significance, the brass statue of kaamdhenu can bring many positive aspects to your home. Here are some of these benefits that you need to know: 

  • Health: It is said that keeping a kamadhenu statue at home can ensure better health for individuals living there. 

  • Wealth: kaamdhenu is associated with finance and wealth. Placing the brass idol of a cow or calf can attract wealth to your home. 

  • Prosperity: kaamdhenu symbolises prosperity when kept in the right place, which brings positive energy. 

  • Peace: The Kamadhenu statue can bring peace and harmony to your home.  

  • Success: Peace, prosperity, wealth, and health are some other names of success that a kaamdhenu brass idol can drive to your home. 

  • Positivity: Placing a kamdhenu cow with calf idol at home will always add positive energy to your space. 

Ideal Location for Placing the Cow-Calf Idol in Your Home

When buying brass statues online, you need to understand whether you can place them at home. There are various ideal locations to place statues and ensure positive energy. Our brass kaamdhenu statue can be placed at locations such as the room of worship or the entrance of your home. However, when you are placing the idol, make sure you keep these things in mind: 

  • Natural Light and Ventilation:  The place should have natural sunlight and ventilation. Avoid placing the statue in a closed space or location without ventilation. 

  • Altar or Prayer Room: The altar or Prayer room is the best place to place the cow idol. As per Vastu, it's a most beneficial place to place a kamadhenu statue at home. 

  • Avoiding Clutter: Whenever and wherever you are placing a kaamdhenu idol, make sure it does not have any clutter. It can lead to negative energies that you need to avoid. 

  • Respectful placement: kaamdhenu has a cultural and religious significance. So, it is essential to place an idol with respectful placement. That's why the worship room is the best place to place a brass cow and calf idol. 

  • Harmonious Environment:  Make sure where you place the statue has a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. Chaos and a cluttered environment are not good places to place the brass statue.  

  • Safety Considerations:  Keep safety concerns in mind when placing kaamdhenu idols. Do not place brass statues at any random place at home. 

The importance of the various body parts of the cow and calf statue

The various body parts of the cow and calf statue or brass kamadhenu idol have cultural significance. Such as: 

  • Head: The head holds the trinity, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma. 

  • Eyes: The eyes of the kamdhenu statue are symbolic of the sun and moon. 

  • Horns:  The horns symbolise Lord Shiva at the base, Lord Brahma at the tip, and Lord Vishnu at the centre. The holy trinity, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Brahma, symbolise horns.  

  • Body: The shoulders of the cow and calf symbolise Agni, the fire God, and the wind God, Vayu. 

  • Legs: The four legs of kaamdhenu are said to be four vedas- Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda, and Atharvaveda. It is also symbolic of the Himalayas. 


The brass idols created with intricate carvings on brass by skilled craftsmen can add beauty to your space. In addition to its cultural significance in Hinduism, where kaamdhenu symbolises prosperity, wealth, and health, placing a beautiful kamdhenu cow with calf idol at home can bring beauty and cultural relevance to your home. Avatar Arts brings you beautiful idols that add positivity and amplify your space with stunning craftsmanship. So, you can buy these beautiful bras idols to place in your home keeping in mind these vastu tips and other considerations for most benefits. 

Kamdhenu cow-calf statue is believed to attract abundance and financial stability to your home. As per Vastu, Ishan Kon which is in the northeast direction of the house, is considered best to keep the Kamdhenu cow and calf statue. Ishan Kon is the sacred corner to place the worshipping idols.

Kamdhenu cow and calf statues are made up of brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc, its color can vary as per the amount of copper present in the alloy. Brass Kamdhenu cow and calf statues are crafted using the age-old lost wax casting techniques.

Yes, you can request the customization for the brass cow and calf statue. For the brass products, we undertake customization only with a finish of your choice, and that too in a few products. If you are interested in customizing products, you can contact us on WhatsApp or email us for further details.

Kamdhenu cow and calf statues can be kept at the entrance of the house. It is common in Hindu households to keep cattle at the entrance of their house. Cows are considered to bring prosperity and luck to the households.

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